Q: Why has Pullen Pillay & Co been rebranded as M&S Business Solutions?

A: The re-branding has been part of our plans for over a year. It was decided that we
will switch to the new name as soon as Mr Pullen Pillay officially ceases to be part of
the business.

Q: How has the business changed other than the branding?

A: All the services remain the same. In fact we will be offering our clients more and a wider range of services as M&S Business Solutions.

Q: What new services are going to be introduced by M&S Business Solutions?

A: For starters, we will offer you mortgage advice and real estate assistance by our trusted partners. You may be aware that we already offer Financial Planning Services through our associates.

Q: What impact does the change have on the clients?

A: All our clients of Pullen Pillay & Co will be smoothly moved over without any problems. It is a simple re-branding, not a new company.

Q: Is there anything that long standing Pullen Pillay & Co clients should be
aware of?

A: While we will continue to service all clients in matters of accounting and taxation just as in the past, it must be noted that clients who received financial advice from third party companies such as PPC Financial Services or mortgage advice from One Stop Mortgage must deal with these companies directly for any further advice or resolution to any dispute. M&S Business Solutions has no connection with the aforementioned companies. However, we do offer financial planning and mortgage services to our clients through our own associates.

Q: If we are approached by someone to handle our taxation, what should
we do?

A: We hope you are satisfied with our service and look forward to working with you in the long term. Unless there are any serious issues to be addressed, we would be very keen to make sure that you continue to be our client. As an M&S Business Service client, you will receive much more value for your money than a small operator.

Q: What other changes are on the horizon at M&S Business Solutions?

A: The new management is young, progressive and dynamic. We believe our clients need a new approach to handling their accounting and taxation matters. In that sense the change from Pullen Pillay & Co to M&S Business Solutions is more than just rebranding – we aim to make discernible improvements in all our services to our clients.

Q: How long will the transition take?

A: We understand that it can be confusing at times. M&S Business Solutions owns the business called Pullen Pillay & Co though we have no connection with ex members/employees operating separately in the market with similar business names. We will gradually phase out the name Pullen Pillay & Company and be known only as M&S Business Solutions.